A Bad Employee Doing a Bad Thing

I never figured that I would be in charge of a car dealership when I entered college. It just happened one day, but I don’t regret it. The dealership earns be a good bit of money, and I enjoy the customer interactions. When I first started the dealership, I looked at some CCTV systems and had one installed. I knew that I had to keep a close eye on the cars, just in case someone wanted to take one away without permission. I figured a customer would do it, but it turned out that an employee did it instead.

The employee decided that he wanted to take the car out for a joy ride one day. He forgot all about the CCTV system, and he also forgot that I always check the cars each day when I come in for work. I look to make sure that the mileage on the cars hasn’t been altered, which can happen when the cars have been driven. When the employee took the car for a ride, the mileage went up and the employee didn’t change it back. He just brought the car back without doing anything and hoped that no one would be the wiser. I wish he had been the wiser, or he wouldn’t have been punished.

When I saw that the mileage changed, I looked at the recorded footage from the CCTV and saw my employee getting into the car and driving it away. I was furious and disappointed at the same time. That employee was someone that I trusted and had worked with me for years. I couldn’t just let what he had done go unpunished. I had to fire the employee and find someone else who would be able to fill his role without being tempted to do the same thing.